Retro Style Waterproof Sling Camera Bag

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Retro Style Waterproof Camera Bag Photography 

This waterproof camera bag is great to protect your camera against damage,dust, and scratches. It comes with a padded
   anti-shock interior. There is more than enough space and pockets to store your accessories like batteries, chargers,
   memory cards, cables, lenses, and more. Great for travel and that busy lifestyle.
Material: Oil wax canvas (waterproof) & Leather
Color Availability: Coffee,Green,Gray
Dimensions: L30 x W10 x H20 cm    







About washable canvas:
After washing and rubbing it will leave a retro style finish.
The surface will have obvious uneven texture, which is the characteristic of this fabric.
As well as the worn out effect that feels dirty when rubbed out, this is not a quality problem.
Do not place an order if this feature is unacceptable.

About oil wax cloth:
Oil wax canvas is a retro nostalgic effect, with a good waterproof feel, hard and easy to shape,
with a deep and wrinkled texture of the old effect.
The fabric is heated or the wax will slowly melt after a while to eliminate the wrinkle texture.
Each package texture is unique and completely different.
There may be different chromatic aberration problems in different batches.
If it is not acceptable, please do not place an order.

About Crazy Horse Leather Introduction:
Crazy horse is a kind of craft of cowhide. The biggest feature is that the surface of the crazy horse skin is
disorderly and scratched so that there will be a retro style of coarse ore.
Because the surface is attached with a layer of oil wax, there will be traces when the force is scratched,
and the hand rubbing can be eliminated for the inconspicuous scratches.
Or use the heating method to make the oil-wax slide back and recover it by rubbing.
It can also be applied with hand cream. If you cannot accept, please do not place an order.

Crazy horse skin FAQ:
Pleats, cattle scars, skin spots, inevitable creases in the process of production, uneven color, scratches, odors,
fiber layers on the back of the skin, etc. are not normal quality problems.
Because we are doing the old-fashioned effect of coarse ore.